Quality creates Beauty

Quality and Beauty – two terms which are strongly engaged. When there are humans involved, this engagement becomes duty! Only elegant and up-to-date designs will create beauty on humans if they are made in the highest quality.

We from Deguo Concept have recognized and understood this early. Therefore we attach great importance on elegant designs and creations. Every piece is handmade and we use the finest materials available on the market. Customer focus and honest services are of high values to us.

Providing all this puts us in an exceptional position on the list of countless manufactures. Our design variety concentrates not on quantity, but on quality. In all these years of creative and productive work we were able to create a huge range of Jewellery. Designs are created in a wide range of variety for different countries, cultures and customers to match their specific characteristics. Not to mention the enormous number of custom made designs, specially produced for their personal desires.

Dive into our showroom and be serviced by our professional and friendly staff. Our entire team is ready to extend your collection and complete your own Jewellery line according to your specifications. Get in touch with us for further information.


Our range of products contains mainly classical Jewellery – Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Necklaces and Bracelets. Most of our products are designed for ladies. In addition, other accessories such as key chains and watches have been produced on special demands.

We offer the following product lines: Ocean Life, Fashion Color, Nature Power, Modern Classics, Pure Metal

Product Line